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Are you active in the Siebel field and keen on innovation? Are you searching for a visual support tool for you and your clients? Your network is interested in finding the right Siebel support? Partner Up! e-Up partners benefit of special previews, prices and support. Our focus is on empowering you to continuously get better at what you do and expand to your full potential. Three levels of partnership are available: reseller, consultancy partner and e-Up certified partner. See the descriptions below and contact us for more information and custom partnerships.

You have a wide network of Siebel end clients? You are familiar with Siebel clients in search of a support tool?

Become an e-Tools reseller to help empower Siebel clients.

We are continuously expanding globally, contact us and request to become part of the innovative Siebel experts network.

You are innovative and want to be one step ahead of your competition? You are searching for a tool that faciliates your Siebel implementations across projects? You are looking for hiting the ground running in new projects?

Become an e-Up consultancy partner and benefit of special offers and support.

We are dedicated to help you get better while maintaining high quality and improving leverage.

Contact us to see how we can do more together.

You want to be on the edge of innovation? Follow best-practices and deliver perfect Siebel customizations? You want to be recognized as an outstanding Siebel specialist?

Become e-Up certified and demonstrate your value.

e-Up provides dedicated training, formatory support and the Siebel implementation methodology, coupled and integrated with e-Tools, to make you stand out from the crowd.

Contact us to find our more and start your certification process.

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