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Siebel BPE & Flow Designer

Amplify IT - Business synergy with automated business process extraction and analysis

Siebel Business Process Extraction
& Flow Designer

Oracle Siebel has evolved in time to become a repository of business practices, rules and processes; ultimately, a repository of business knowledge. Although customer data is easily available in the application, the business process knowledge is hidden in the application usage patterns.

With e-Tools you can now leverage the day-to-day usage of the application to gain actionable insights over the embedded business processes. e-Tools extracts them and displays them automatically, in easy-to-use visual flow diagrams that can be even edited in our Flow Designer!.

What does Siebel BPE and Flow Designer do?

Siebel BPE extracts the real case business processes from the application usage. It allows you to build your own, customized Business Process Library to be used inside your organization.

With the Flow Designer you are able to modify your processes and edit them as you like for your needs!

Applying algorithms, statistics and machine learning techniques, e-Tools interprets the usage data and builds a business friendly visual representation. Technical details are smoothed out and the models are re-usable throughout the entire application life-cycle - from business requirements to solution design, testing and training.

Siebel Business Process Extraction Process

Streamline application design by addressing the real-life pain points and scenarios:

Traditional methods for understanding the way users work with the application are time-consuming and costly. Users do not want to be controlled or interrupted in their day-to-day activity. Thanks to our patented technology, e-Tools, there is no longer need for heavy application controls or checkpoints that disrupt users' activity.

(* It is possible to start using BPE from IP2014.11 - contact us for more information.)

You can now automate the process extraction, significantly reducing costs and with no impact for the users. You can concentrate on the UX while having the pulse of the situation by:

  • visualizing the functional processes that your users are following;
  • comparing the designed business processes with the extracted ones;
  • developing a Visual Business Process Library of your customized Siebel Application;
  • adding notes, attaching business requirement documentation or design artefacts;
  • discovering the functional or technical pain points in the application business flow;
  • associating the extracted business processes to the business requirements and to the application design;
  • prioritizing the application changes to increase ROI of new customizations;
  • find ways to improve the way your employees work;

Benefits at a glance:

  • Effortlessly Generate a canvas of processes to use and reuse for improving your Siebel implementation
  • Automated creation of a Business Blueprint for application lifecycle management
  • Predefined process extractions
  • Automatically identify business processes
  • Cut costs
  • Rapidly minimize risks
  • Robust features
  • Automatically documented in html format and easy to share within the organization
  • Usability improvement

Siebel Business Process Extraction Benefits

The documented process map can be used for:

  • Business process optimization
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Business process improvement
  • Business and regulatory requirements assessments
  • System re-engineering
  • Process performance monitoring
  • Business process and application harmonization
  • System maintenance

Advantages by role:

  • Easily generate a Business Blueprint of your corporate CRM processes directly from your current application version;
  • take control of your corporate CRM implementation by measuring the employee performance and compliance without disrupting their user experience;
  • re-align your corporate CRM to really comply with the corporate strategic goals;
  • document corporate business processes supported by the corporate CRM with a few clicks.
  • Discover and understand business processes
  • Rely on the customized business practices without disrupting end-users work
  • Design new user experience by simplifying tasks, facilitating actions, answering real-life requirements
  • Improve end users’ efficiency and efficacy while working with the application
  • Assess designed processes and real-life situations - re-engineer business processes and the application starting from the real cases
  • Rely on the customized business practices without disrupting end-users work
  • Use the extracted processes as a basis of requirements elicitation
  • Compare day-to-day practies with organization policies and legal requirements
  • Align business processes and Siebel
  • Find automation candidates - processes or pieces of processes that can be automated by technology reducing the workload of end users
  • Training needs analysis vs. application tuning
  • Facilitate training/re-training by identifying the processes pain points
  • Automatic documentation
  • Use the extracted processes as testing scenarios;
  • Reference extracted processes to identify the business and technical context in which issues occur;
  • Pinpoint the exact step that causes errors within the business process;
  • Build a reference library to simplify user induction.
  • Identify improvement points in daily routines - Do your users always execute unnecessary steps before reaching the view that they need? Simplify the application usage for them!
  • Amplify IT-business synergy - anticipate user requirements: design new features starting from real-life usage;
  • Be pro-positive: identify pain points and take measures to make sure your business is always satisfied;
  • Provide your business with a competitive edge by supporting process requirements with application automations;
  • Develop with ROI in mind: leverage usage data to prove which developments were crucial and which are optional, what is required in the near future and which features will have a real impact -use this as a guide for future implementations.
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