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the Unified Perspective over Packaged Applications

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  • Automagic

    Automate Oracle Siebel CRM documentation production / Oracle CX documentation production
  • Automagic Resources

    Automagic: View more

    Video, presentations, infographics & whitepapers, all that you need to better understand Automagic. We are continuously publishing new information so check back for fresh news.


    Automagic - Overview

    Discover what Automagic does and how it can help you in your Oracle Siebel project by watching this video.

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    Automagic - automate Oracle Siebel CRM Documentation

    Do more for your Oracle Siebel project: by automating the documentation you get more time to work on the important points, while you still follow development best practices.

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    Oracle Siebel: start a new repository documentation

    Start documenting a new repository: Automagic builds a new documentation structure that can be referenced in time as the basis for new developments. Once the repository is documented, new developments can be included in the documentation via the Update feature. Updating the documentation aligns the existing information with the changes in the Siebel repository while maintaining existing comments.

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    Automagic: technical documentation for Siebel teams

    Automate Oracle Siebel CRM technical documentation production: Automagic creates visual html documentation that can be shared and used by the Siebel team.

    Enable your Siebel team to do more with Automagic

    By Automating Oracle Siebel documenation you can gain up to 80% more time for your project.

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    Infographics and whitepapers:

    Technical documentation impact on project

    Technical documentation creation and maintenance is part of any methodology best practice. However, having good documentation always aligned with the application requires dedication and effort that can take a toll on the project. Research shows that 30% to 80% of project time is spent on creating, updating and managing documentation.

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  • Check Siebel repository via REST directly in e-Tools

    Check Siebel repository via REST directly in e-Tools


    In the last months we have been extending e-Tools with new features that exploit the innovations introduced by the Siebel development team. One of the most interesting innovations presented in IP2016 is the REST interface. As described in the bookshelf, REST (Representational State Transfer) is a software architecture style that provides a convenient and consistent approach to requesting and modifying data. In the Siebel CRM RESTful system, resources are stored on the Siebel Server.

    e-Tools, the unique CASE tool for Oracle Siebel, supports any Siebel version, generating visual artefacts that are used for all the phases of a Siebel implementation project - from requirements to solution design.

    e-Tools now includes a new REST interface to communicate with your Siebel Server in order to get the information you need to check in the Repository or - if you activated the new IP2016 feature - in any Workspace you might want to use. In the following video we present the new window embedding the client to get any data from your Siebel repository. By doing so you will be able - for example - to compare the values of a specific object with the ones of a previous version modelled in e-Tools.



    This new feature - as the ones that use the new generation Siebel IP2016 UPT framework - is included for all existing e-Tools customers as any other new feature that we constantly release.  Remember, you can still use e-Tools in all your project's phases with ANY Siebel version  - but you will be able to exploit also these innovations, like querying the repository via REST, once you upgrade to latest Siebel releases.

    NOTE - in order to get data related to Workflows you need to get IP2016 Patch Set 3; thanks to Chandan DasGupta from the Oracle Siebel team for the information.

  • Contact Up

  • e-Tools

    e-Tools supports Oracle Siebel CRM (Oracle CX) life-cycle with automated visual analysis
  • e-Tools Pricing

    e-Tools Pricing

    Would you like to know more about e-Tools Pricing?

    e-Tools is SaaS to help make your Siebel more agile

    e-Tools is delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service). Please check more information about our special approach that makes the most of cloud and on-prem here.

    e-Tool's SaaS delivery method makes you save on both CAPEX and OPEX.

    Make Siebel more agile starting from the purchasing process! Affordable monthly prices per user


    discounts apply for number of seats and contractual agreements - contact us today!

  • e-Tools: an overview

    e Tools small

    A Unified Perspective over Oracle Siebel CRM


    A magnifier lense over your customized application

    Years of customizations have transformed the Siebel packaged application in a maze: it is difficult to understand and manage. Which requirement triggered a specific customization? What is impacted by a script? Which customization triggers that unexpected behaviour? These are all common questions when working on Siebel projects. Moreover, the documentation is often either missing or not updated, thus customizations that happened some implementation cycles ago are incomprehensible.

    e-Tools provides a visual “map” of your application, facilitating comprehension. It uncovers the existing customizations, presents them in easy-to-understand visual models and documents everything in one click. This makes it easier to understand what is causing performance issues, where the bottlenecks are, which objects or processes are impacted by modifying an existing object, etc.

    When using e-Tools, a knowledge repository is created, containing the relation among requirements, design and the real implementation - all done automatically! With one thread to follow, it is easier to find the why of a customization, understand what triggered a design decision, find the right person to discuss the issues with, and improve one company's control over its Siebel CRM application.

    Rapid Requirements Generation 

    Thanks to a closer collaboration with the original Oracle Siebel Development team, e-Tools features the automatic generation of Use Case scenarios starting from Siebel IP2014+. This technology is based on machine learning techinques and represents a revolution similar to the introduction of 90's Packaged Applications vs. greenfield development - you don't need to write requirements from scratch - start from the real use cases that are already implemented in your Siebel solution, analyze them and customize to rapidly offer a business solution. Easily document everything in HTML and share it in your company.

    Automatic Visual Design Best practices

    e-Tools empowers the Siebel team members with automated analysis brought on easy to understand visual models, uncovering all the employed solution designs. From the as-is visual models, new designs are easily drawn, alternative solutions assessed based on implementation impact and risks. Moreover, e-Tools guides the technical experts in using Siebel best-practices. As a result, the Siebel application is more agile, easy-to-manage and to upgrade.

    Business Process Extraction

    Siebel BPE extracts the real case business processes from the application usage. It allows you to build your own, customized Business Process Library to be used inside your organization. Applying amachine learning approaches, e-Tools interprets the usage data and builds a business friendly visual representation. Technical details are smoothed out and the models are re-usable throughout the entire application life-cycle - from business requirements to solution design, testing and training.


    Visually analyze your application starting form the User Interface cutting typical third-party support high costs and timelines. With e-Tools you always have a Siebel expert on your side, guiding you through issue discovery, indicating potential pitfalls. All this real-time, every time you need it, with no delay.

    Starting IP2014+ you can also support your users without the need to replicate the reported error - direclty support by analyzing the real-case process: identify the reported point, start the visual analysis to identify the reason of the issue and find the solution


    All these features allow you and your Siebel implementation to gain:


    Have you noticed how organizational tasks and documents revert around the same knowledge? With e-Tools you leverage the materials and knowledge already created to support various perspectives over the Siebel application. You need to create training on the new application features? Identify the latest implemented requirements, use the delta analysis, get automated documentation for all! You need documentation for change management, quality assurance, etc? Use e-Tools automated visual html documentation, easy to share via the intranet or as requested by your company’s policies.

    This means no more time lost in re-writing, while you make the most of the knowledge already available.

    Knowledge management

    Working with e-Tools means that the entire team’s knowledge is saved in the meta-repository. Requirements, designs, existing customizations, are set side by side and related with one thread. Are you wondering which requirement triggered a customization? Check it in e-Tools meta-repository and, in the process, find out the business context (use cases/business story, processes, domain knowledge) and the design decision background (pre-existing application architecture and customizations, alternative design solutions, risk and impact notes).

    Do more with less: reduce workload and increase productivity

    Automation takes off pressure from the team as it reduces workload. Consider that just documentation creation, update and management takes up to 80% of project time. By automating documentation production, the team is empowered to focus on the other issues at hand, support the business and identify better design solutions.

    Analysing and understanding the existing application is assessed to take 40% of architects’ time and 20% of developers time. Automating it with e-Tools supports them in getting the right information straight away. Less time is spent on navigating the Siebel application, more time is spent on developing best-in-class solutions that keep business going.

    Communication & collaboration

    Did you know that project misunderstandings and miscommunication can cause missed deadlines, expensive re-work and frustrated clients? What tools are available to tackle this issues? e-Tools’s intuitive visual models form a communication canvas, reducing misunderstandings. The entire Siebel team references e-Tools to grasp what the application is and how it behaves. Using the visual models to engage with all stakeholders means everyone on the project is aligned and can take the necessary informed decisions. How would your organization benefit from having business and IT aligned? More agility and improved customer management mean increased market competitiveness.

    Find out what e-Tools can do for you: contact us now for dedicated case studies.

  • e-Up

    e-Up Unified Perspective is Oracle Gold Partner: we are dedicated to improve the IT work with a special focus on Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle CX, Open UI
  • e-Up is SaaS

    e-Tools delivery model


    Get the best out of Cloud and on-premise!

    Worried about cloud data and security issues? But not ready to take on another software maintenance hurdle? Get the best of both worlds, with e-Up solutions.


    e-Up's commitment to continuous improvement means that new functionalities are released seamlessly. You won't experience any disruption or need any maintenance, everything is transparent for the user: we take care of the administrative tasks for you. Our solutions run on your machines and data remains there. Business and technical data ownership is yours and you remain in control!

    e-Up solutions are SaaS:

    • Easy to deploy solution: just click one button from our website!
    • 100% Private and Secure: your application and your data stay on your premises
    • NO administration or maintenance!
    • On-line and on-demand support
    • New releases immediately available with no migration hassle whatsoever
    • New functionalities released periodically: let us hear your Voice with e-Up UserVoice platform!
    • Great IT Team collaboration and experience with a happier business
    • Amazing performance
    • Integrated security and control
  • One Siebel knowledge repository with e-Tools

    Tired of searching for the old requirement that triggered a crucial design decision?

    Seamless integration between your functional specifications and the solution design. This example shows a Siebel HI application, but e-Tools is 100% Open UI ready.

    Stay tuned for more news on new Open UI innovative features.

    Let us know your experience with Siebel and e-Tools: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Oracle Siebel IP2016 Official release

    Lots of improvements and new features in this release. While some of the features were expected and requested by customers, others open the door to important changes. Let's have a look at the main news.

    OracleSiebelIP2016 small

  • Oracle Siebel roadshow

    Oracle Siebel roadshow

    (London, 12th of May 2016)


    e-Up was excited to be part of the Oracle Siebel CRM road-show in London this week. The Oracle Siebel team introduced IP2016 innovations and future vision to a selected group of partners and customers. The road-show is going to take place in other key locations around the globe, so if you are interested in attending, get in touch with your Oracle contact.
  • Oracle Siebel Roadshow Utrecht (Second day)

    The second day at the Oracle Siebel Roadshow focused on introducing and demonstrating Siebel related innovations.

    First day summary available here.

  • Pro-Active Siebel Support

    Pro-Active role-based support for Siebel


    Welcome a new Support generation - Visual machine learning at your service 

    Standard support associated to your maintenance contract for Siebel has reached a very low-level in quality.

    Specialized support implies high costs and can lengthen the timelines due to response times and possibly losing control over your application. 

    What if you had a Siebel expert always on your side, guiding you through issues discovery, indicating potential pitfalls, visuallizing alternative OOB design, reminding you wich requirements or which business processes are involved in a technical feature? 

    What if all all this was real-time, 24/7, with no delay... and all automatically documented? e-Tools is your expert ally with automated Visual analysis based on Siebel design best-practices, extracted Business Processes, automatically generated Use Case scenarios. It is available any time you need it and it is always ready to tackle the issue together with you. No waiting time, no extra costs for premium service, no need to handle external access to your applications and data.

    e-Tools makes all this come true

     SiebelPro ActiveSupport


    When you receive a ticket - from a normal Siebel user or during a Test Phase, e-Tools can track the point where the error happened in a Visual flow 

    Once identified the issue, make use of e-Tools automatic Visual analysis to infer both the requirement (thanks to machine-learning) and the existing design and bring on root-cause analysis.

    Once found the cause, developers and designers can work on a solution by visual prototyping.

    document everything with a click!



    Make your business users happy with e-Tools and its AI-based support


    Make the most out of your Siebel investment and be Oracle compliant by following Visual design best-practices.


    Increase agility: bridgethe gap between the business side of your company and your Siebel application.


    Support any Siebel version:  use e-Tools continuously towards the life of your CRM application - we will release innovations together with Oracle in SaaS mode.


    Unmatched 24/7 embedded Siebel expertise - e-Tools holds best practices embedded in it’s automatic analysis, this facilitates keeping the team on the right technical track and supports solving old problems and defining new solutions.


    Maintain all knowledge internally - Create and own your "how-to" library and share it across the organization in html format - once modelled in e-Tools, processes, designs and legacy documentation can be shared on your intranet using already available resources for indexing and categorizing knowledge.


     Contact up to find out how you could implement your Siebel support with a simple, light, monthly fee. 

  • Siebel Business Process Extraction (BPE) is live!

    Amplify IT-Business synergy with Siebel Business Process Extraction (BPE)

    (BPE is a new e-Tools automation feature released in May 2016)


    BPE SiebelUsage3
  • Siebel OpenUI - the good, the bad and the ugly

    OpenUI Bad

    Almost 4 years have already passed since the first appearance of Open UI, the first serious Oracle commitment to the future of the once leader of CRM applications, Siebel. Its advent has been disruptive at the point that some professionals decided (together with other more obvious reasons) to abandon their career as Siebel professionals rather than learning this new framework.

    I think it's time to closer analyse what Siebel Open UI represents for both business and technical people, because the final goal of a software should be that of simplifying it's users' lives and - eventually - expand its user-customer base... (or not?).

  • Unified Perspective Methodology

    Siebel dedicated methodology: 

    a Unified Perspective


    Is your Siebel implementation agile enough?

    Packaged applications, like Siebel, were meant to be agile, quick-to-implement and close to what the business requires from a corporate CRM. Unfortunately, wrong implementation practices have rendered them difficult and sluggish, very hard to maintain. A new trend, the Cloud, promises to make implementations easier, but the reality is that cloud simplifies deployment, upgrade and administration - while it does not offer an answer to the customization process, often complicating it with the return to custom code development. This actually amplifies the distance between business and IT.


    Align Siebel CRM to your corporate strategy 

    business & IT


    Employ the right approach to your implementation to get your Siebel business agile and aligned to your corporate strategy!

    Based on decades of Siebel projects’ experience and academic research, e-Up has distiled the best-practices for Oracle Siebel implementations in a simple yet effective methodology: a Unified Perspective methodology.

    Thanks to its visual approach, the methodology helps you construct a comprehensive perspective over your application, both functionally and technically. This means that both the Siebel team and the business have 100% control over what is available out-of-the-box, the existing customizations supporting the corporate business requirements, solution designs, issues - with all the knowledge surrounding your Siebel environment stored in one place, the e-Tools meta-repository, securely stored on your premises. 

    e-Tools methodology is different from what you have experienced in the market so far! Every single approach tells you what to do, but only e-Up provides the comprehensive toolset to help you implement it. Having a methodology embedded in the tools you use makes the difference: e-Tools practices what it preaches. By simply using it, the Siebel team will be aligned with the business, achieving quicker implementations that deliver a CRM application that actually represents the corporate strategy.

    Do we need to give up our methodology and start all over again?

    NO. The unified perspective methodology guides your approach to handling Siebel, independently fromthe project management methodology you are employing. It provides the map to tackle and handle Siebel so that it answers your specific business requirements.

    The UP methodology can start from either your customized application and help you build on top of that (bottom-up approach), or start from the existing requirements and support you during the design process (top-down approach). This is why it is highly flexible and can be adopted in any moment of your project to bring in the desired results.

    In fact, all the visual artefacts - from business requirements to application solution design - can be interconnected, thus filling the gap between the functional and technical sides of a Siebel implementation and providing a common tool for your team's communication.

    You don't need to do anything on your side, just use e-Tools and you will be on the right track with a correct approach to requirement and process modelling, technical solutions design, team collaboration and project documentation.

    Why do we need a Siebel specific methodology?

    Siebel is the CRM enterprise packaged application by excellence. Packaged applications provide the advantage of having several features out-of-the-box, speeding up the implementation in comparison with custom greenfield development.

    The characteristic of a good packaged application, such as Siebel, is that it can be further configured and extended to meet any client needs. Unfortunately too often this has transalted into Siebel customizations over the top. They disregarded existing features and implemented "external" solutions, forcing the application behaviour. This resulted in heavy Siebel applications, hated by their users.

    When implementing Siebel the right way, making the most of what is already there, using the customization mechanisms as they should be used, Siebel is more agile!

    By using e-Tools your team automatically employes the methodology, thus applying best practices on all the projects phases and reusing the exact core Siebel elements that compose your corporate CRM application!

    This is what the Unified Perspective offers.

    Contact us to learn more about the Unified Perspective methodology.

    The e-Up Methodology’s core principles are:

    - Siebel specific - it is dedicated to Siebel and its specific handling, thus make use of the Siebel core objects of your application.

    - Visual - Why Visual? Because visual information is processed 600,000 times faster than text, it is language independent (thus reduces misunderstandings), simplifies the overview so that all stakeholders can be aligned on the situation.

    - Automation - Why spend time on repetitive tasks? Navigating and searching for information to construct an analysis? Automation reduces repetitive tasks and provides more time for bugs identification or creative solution finding.

    - Reusability - Have you noticed how documentation tends to be repetitive? Are you sure your requirements are reflected in the design and testing documentation? Training materials are built based on requirements specifications and process design? What if, once modelled, you could reuse the knowledge in different formats? This reduces workloads and streamlines work in the Siebel project, so that more is done with less.

    - Communication and collaboration - Did you know that the main pain points for a project delivery are misunderstandings? Clear up the air and have everyone on the same page, by employing visual representations and one knowledge repository referenced by all.

    - Agility - do it right so that the implementation work and the application itself are agile!

    - Real support - e-Tools sustains the methodology in every step and was built in respect of the above principles.


    Many Siebel professionals are becoming e-Up certified to demonstrate their skills and abilities. Would you want to be an innovative and recognized Siebel professional? Start your certification process, contact us!

  • what is e-Tools

    e Tools small

    Increase team efficiency, productivity and collaboration in Oracle Siebel

    e-Tools in a nutshell

    e-Tools is the unique Siebel dedicated CASE tool. It supports the entire implementation life-cycle, from understanding the customized application and requirements gathering and modeling, through solution design, up to testing, support and training. e-Tools is based on a role-based visual approach: it translates Siebel in visual models, for both the technical side (Design of the application) and the functional one (Use Cases scenarios and Business Processes). The customized application models form the basis for:


    understanding the current Siebel architecture and behaviour;

    automatically infere visual Use Cases with the Rapid Requirements Generation technology (available on IP2014+);

    Elicit, model and customize Business Requirements;

    Visually design and assess solutions and alternatives based on best practices;

    identify bugs, pitfalls and issues’ causes and how to solve them;

    create application training and documentation;

    extract Business Processes for an ad-hoc Business Blueprint (available on IP2014+)

    Test Cases automatic generation (available on IP2014+)

    Process Improvement and application performance analysis


    While working with e-Tools, a knowledge repository of your Siebel application and implementation is built behind the scenes. Requirements, designs, test scenarios, issues and bugs and their solutions, functional processes... everything is interrelated so that you can keep track of what is going on. Automation and innovation meet to facilitate analysis and management.

    Moreover, e-Tools introduces innovative support for working with Open UI such as the dedicated editor (with intelisense), rapid prototyping and live script testing.

  add text


    Why is e-Tools different from any support tool you might be familiar with? It is special because it is not just a tool: the Siebel-dedicated methodology is embedded in e-Tools, guiding your strategy throughout the project. Automation and visuanalysis, based on condensed knowledge from decades of Siebel implementation projects, support the team to speed up and make more agile the development process by reducing workload.

    Find out more about e-Tools, but if you want to find out what it can do for you, contact us for a dedicated case-study.

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