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Oracle Open World 2016


Are you going to Oracle Open World 2016? Reach out the e-Up team, find out how to improve your Siebel implementation and get an additional 10% discount for a yearly subscription with the new flyer!


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The Oracle Siebel Roadshow @ Utrecht started today in a packed auditorium with an overview of Siebel IP2016 features and future direction, followed by Siebel in the Cloud and integration options in general. Different from other events, this time the Siebel customers were able to express their requirements, worries and tell their stories of working with Siebel. A very useful exchange of knowledge in the Siebel community that is still ongoing and will continue tomorrow.

Stay tuned for previews on IP2017 to come in the next post.

Some notes from today's presentations follow.

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Next September will be full of events and innovations for all the Oracle Siebel customers out there. On the 5th and 6th of the month, an innovative Siebel Roadshow will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Differently from the other events of this kind that took place this year, both in Europe and the United States, this will be a 2 days workshop that will offer the possibility to not only know the latest news in the Siebel ecosystem but also to experience first-hand real-case customer scenarios and new product demos; e-Up will also participate as speaker.

Additionally, from the 18th to the 22nd of September, the yearly Oracle Open World will take place in San Francisco and the future of Siebel will be revealed, together with all innovations that will revolutionize the way customers perceive a CRM application.

Two years ago we @ e-Up set out with an ambition to innovate the way CRM Packaged Applications are implemented and supported. We decided to start focusing on Siebel because we strongly believe not only it represents the first point of reference for the entire CRM enterprise landscape but also because its data model is still the richest and most flexible you can find out there, no matter if you are on the Cloud or on-Premise. While companies like are just recently focusing on verticals to offer ad-hoc support for enterprises in different business contexts (e.g. pharmaceutical, telco, finance, etc.) Siebel has done this since its early days, bringing on the market the most complete set of digital working processes.

There has been a time, in fact, when the focus of CRM implementations to support the corporate strategy was over the processes that are embedded within, not the technology itself. This because, despite the aid provided by CRM software, the core business is always about the customers and how to engage with them in the best possible way - not just to sell, but to establish a frank and loyal communication channel. In this sense, as we used to say “CRM is not about the software”, today we can say that CRM is also not about the Cloud or the way the services offered by an application are consumed.

No matter what other vendors say, much of the “magic” behind a great corporate Customer Relationship Management strategy relies on the preparation of the workforce, their attitude and their actual job on-the-field. Only by “listening” to the corporate workforce and their daily activities we can help companies achieve their best potential.

The digital transformation corporations aspire to requires supporting tools that are based on what we call Pro-Active intelligence, being able to learn and evolve with agility together with the business itself. The combination of e-Tools and the latest Siebel versions achieves this, offering Siebel customers the possibility to finally unlock their Siebel data and analyse it to derive new insights, extend and modify their business processes in an easy visual approach.

Last year I decided to focus e-Up on a closer collaboration with the Oracle Siebel development team as I was sure this would have brought the best innovations for all CRM customers out there.

In the last weeks the Siebel IP 2016 saw the light - even on the Oracle Cloud - and at the same time we launched e-Tools 2016, bringing both technical innovations andintelligent support, so that both business and technical users are empowered with built-in insights and intelligence within the business applications they’re working with on a daily basis.

With the latest innovations, we broke down the barriers between productivity, collaboration and business processes, creating a new customer centric model aligned to each every-day role of the workforce, so that a real customer support can be offered to all users of Siebel-based business applications.

  • Imagine an application that can offer you a customized Business Process Library of your specific CRM implementation - Because your company's CRM implementation is different from the others' - your business approach is unique;
  • Imagine the possibility to measure the CRM application Performance - check how long the application takes to execute the steps of your business and functional processes embedded in your CRM Packaged application;
  • Imagine an application that enables Business Process Improvement (BPI) by an automatic Visual analysis of the specific usage your users do of the application, how much time they need to execute some steps of the functional processes and how to improve the way your users work with their CRM system;
  • Imagine the possibility to support and be supported without the need to repeat all the single steps that were executed to arrive at that system error that does not allow you to proceed with your work activity as expected, impacting a worker's overall performance;
  • Imagine the possibility to automatically generate business-friendly Test Cases as the foundation for your Siebel test strategy;
  • Imagine the possibility to stop reinventing the wheel – as Siebel gives you a canvas of best practices in each industrial domain, e-Tools gives you the possibility to generate the hidden functional and technical blueprint that is behind your Siebel-based application, no matter how old it is.
  • … and Imagine a world where you can do all the above without having to write a line of code.

Now you can - not only imagine it, but execute it. All this has become a reality thanks to the above mentioned conjunct effort of latest innovations introduced by the Oracle Siebel development team and the new digital approach to support CRM implementation projects represented by e-Tools.

This means that the gap between the Functional side of a CRM implementation and the Technical solution design is now completely closed by automatically generated visual artefacts - no need for a single line of code.

Differently from the "No Software" slogan...

...we use Software so that business can achieve agility and IT does not need to code

The motivating force behind this is to empower our customers to make things and make things happen in a simple and intuitive way. Together with Oracle we are offering customers to finally own their CRM/CX business without writing a line of code, really.

We @ e-Up and the Siebel team wait for you to show you what the next generation of CRM Business Processes and Automation looks like.

See you in Utrecht and San Francisco

e-Up is excited to be part of the Siebel roadshow in Utrecht this september. Together with the innovations presented by the Siebel team, we are introducing e-Tools innovations for Siebel. 




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