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Yahoo has moved their European headquorters to Dublin's Point Village, becoming our next door neighbours.

A warm welcome from the e-Up Team!

Yahoo at Point Village

Yahoo at Point Village, Dublin - e-Up neighbours


This summer we started a survey to better understand the current status of Siebel projects. Part of the results are presented in this article, with more information to come in future posts. It will be interesting to take the pulse of the situation after the release of IP2014 and all related new developments.

From July to now, a total of 59 participants answered the survey questions. The survey is still open if you would like to contribute.

All of the participants consider that a visual approach would be beneficial to the project.

Siebel Version

The majority of persons participating in the survey are working on Siebel version 8.1 or higher.

Many of these applications are heavily customized.

Siebel customization

Customization level was evaluated based on the following categories:

A heavy customized application using standard customization and scripting 1

A medium to heavy customization of the out of the box application, using standard customization (no scripting) 2

A slightly customized version of Vanilla (out of the box), using standard customization (no scripting) 3

Vanilla or very close to Vanilla (out of the box functionality) 4


There are still projects where documentation is not required (despite software development methodologies insisting on it).

Siebel documentation

Waterfall is still the main methodology used on Siebel projects, with Scrum/Agile expanding.

Siebel implementation methodology

Current project phase varies, with most projects being in Development (14) or Various / Ongoing streams (16) phases.

Siebel implementation methodology

Stay tuned for more results in future posts. Let us know your opinion: participate in the survey here.

e-Up successfully launched today! Follow us for news about Siebel and e-Tools.


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