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Dublin, Ireland, May 01, 2015 – e-Up Unified Perspective, creator of the #visuanalysis technology, today announced that it has achieved Gold Partner status in Oracle PartnerNetwork(OPN). By attaining Gold Level membership, Oracle has recognized e-Up Unified Perspective for its commitment to establish Oracle related knowledge in delivering visual support tools for Oracle Siebel CRM and for addressing the challenges of joint customers by reducing the total cost of ownership of Siebel implementations.

e-Up’s tools introduce cutting-edge innovation and automation to reduce Siebel teams’ workload. The cornerstones are represented by the visual modeling approach and the transverse knowledge meta-repository, which contribute to significantly lower the total cost of ownership and improve the quality of Oracle Siebel CRM implementations.

The Oracle Gold Level Partnership favours a closer collaboration of e-Up and Oracle towards new areas of innovation and soon to be released extensions to additional packaged applications, first of all Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE.)

To celebrate the news, Manuel Breschi, e-Up’s CEO, announced: "We are very excited to deepen our collaboration with Oracle and Oracle PartnerNetwork with the gold membership. e-Up is committed to continuously introduce very exciting innovations to its flagship product, e-Tools, that will go along the new Oracle commitment to Siebel and extend it towards other Oracle solutions. To celebrate this event, we have made available further free trial seats for selected companies."

With its Gold status, e-Up Unified Perspective receives the benefit of being able to start developing specializations that will allow them to grow their business, increase their expertise, reach higher levels of customer retention, and create differentiation in the marketplace. Gold members also become eligible to resell all Oracle Technology products and can apply to resell Oracle Applications and Industry Solutions. In addition, they receive access to Oracle account representatives and My Oracle Support updates for all products, discounts on training, limited free assessment/exam vouchers, reduced rates on the purchase of Oracle licenses for internal use, discounts on advances customer services and more. For more information about the benefits of becoming an OPN Gold level partner, please visit:

E-Up Unified Perspective

e-Up Unified Perspective, a global leader in the #visuanalysis field, offers dedicated visual automation solutions for Oracle Siebel CRM implementations. Based on innovative research and real case implementations, e-Up is creating support tools that automate tedious project work and support visual modeling throughout the entire implementation process.

e-Up’s flagship product, e-Tools, supports the entire life-cycle of a Siebel implementation reducing the team’s workload by up to 65%. At the same time, it empowers the Siebel team to follow implementation best-practices that assure a high quality Siebel delivery. When using e-Tools, the team implicitly builds a knowledge meta-repository that can be reused for improved efficiency and efficacy, while sharing is facilitated by automated documentation and visual representations that are easy-to-understand for all stakeholders. For further information on e-Tools and additional software solutions, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Oracle Partner Network

Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Specialized is the latest version of Oracle's partner program that provides partners with tools to better develop, sell and implement Oracle solutions. OPN Specialized offers resources to train and support specialized knowledge of Oracle products and solutions and has evolved to recognize Oracle's growing product portfolio, partner base and business opportunity. Key to the latest enhancements to OPN is the ability for partners to differentiate through Specializations. Specializations are achieved through competency development, business results, expertise and proven success. To find out more visit



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In this video we compare a standard analysis done using Siebel Tools with the innovative approach offered by e-Tools. As you can see, not only you can execute quicker and deeper analysis, but you automatically get a documentation of your work. With Siebel Tools, as with any other IDE, included the future CRM Composer, you get only a view over your application meta-data, but you don't build any other semantic on top of it.

e-Tools will give you the possibility to speed up the analysis over your meta-data and will build up a knowledge meta-repository that will include Siebel objects, custom documentation, analysis diagrams - all in one shared environment. Your team will finally collaborate to make the perfect next release of your Siebel application!

Press release: e-Up Unified Perspective, global leader in the field of #visuanalysis, today announced that it has achieved Gold Partner status in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN). We are looking forward to a closer collaboration with Oracle and its great Siebel team towards new areas of innovation.

To celebrate the news, Manuel Breschi, ceo @ e-Up announced: "We are very excited to deepen our collaboration with Oracle and the Oracle Partner Network with the gold membership. e-Up is committed to introduce again very exciting innovations to its flagship product, e-Tools, that will go along the new Oracle commitment to Siebel and extend it towards other Oracle solutions. To celebrate this event, we have made available further space on our cloud to allow for free trials for selected companies."

In order to be considered for a free trial, contact e-Up on

Stay tuned for more innovation in the Siebel ecosystem!

In July 2014, we launched a survey aimed at shedding some light on Siebel professional practices. 72 professionals have answered the research questions. If you would like to contribute you can do it here.

This is the second extract of survey results, the first data analysis report is available here.

The second part of the research focused on the tasks of Siebel implementation team members and their workload. Starting from domain literature and experts’ input, we extracted the most common tasks for each role on the project. In the survey, we asked the participants to asses how much time they spend on each of these tasks in percentages. The overall project time is 100%, while each task is assigned a percentage value depending on the participant’s experience. The data and graphs below are based on the average calculated from the participant’s answers.

Let’s have a look a the results for Business Analysts (BA) and analyze them (other roles will be covered in following posts).

The BAs participating in our survey spend most of their working time (in Siebel projects) eliciting requirements (18% of time); gathering requirements and modelling requirements are also important (each 16%). Interacting with technical team members occupies 14% of the time while interacting with the business side 9%. Understanding the already available functionality (the underlying system) use up to 12% of BA’s working time. Documenting requirements, after they have been gathered and modelled, takes 8% of their time.

Siebel Business Analyst job role tasks

Up to now, there has been little (none?) support for Siebel BAs in terms of ad-hoc tools. With the advent of e-Tools, things are changing: the BA workload can be reduced up to 54%.

Here is how:

- Support requirements elicitation - This is the most time consuming task and one that always got very little support. e-Tools facilitates interaction with end-users: Siebel UI navigation combined with #visuanalisys and automated modeling is the perfect companion for a BA to interact with business users.

- Gather and model requirements - e-Tools supports requirements definition and modelling: visual diagrams are, in fact, the best way to understand and share requirements. Moreover, e-Tools allows you to attach any previous documentation and additional materials directly to the model objects.

- Automated system analysis - You just need access to the Siebel application and you can get an automatic #visuanalysis of all existing functionality and customizations. This facilitates BA’s understanding of the application structure and behaviour.

- Facilitate communication with technical team and business users -Tools allows project stakeholders to use the same language via a visual approach. 100% of BAs participating in the survey consider visual representations useful in interacting with the business side as well as with the development team. e-Tools employs a visual approach for requirements reducing misunderstanding among all stakeholders from final users to developers, testers, architects and support.

- Automate documentation - quick 8% gain! Using e-Tools, once the requirements are modelled they can be automatically documented in html, ready to be shared.

We have asked Siebel experts to estimate the impact of using e-Tools on the workload of BAs. What can be noticed right away is that documentation workload is nulled, while understanding the application and the requirements handling process are significantly impacted:

- eliciting requirements’ workload is reduced by 7.2%: down to 10.8% from an initial 18%;

- application analysis goes down from 12% to 4.8%, a 7.2% reduction;

- requirements gathering and modelling down to 9.6% and 8% respectively (from 16%, which totals a 14.4% gain).

Another area that benefits from using e-Tools is the interaction and communication with the technical team. In this case, the workload is cut by 8.4%, thus reduced from 14% down to 5.6%. The graph below describes the overall impact of using e-Tools for a BA working on a Siebel project.

In the next post, we will cover the Developer workload research results, stay tuned.

Microsoft is moving away from Internet Explorer and focusing on Spartan, its new browser, based on a new rendering engine, dubbed 'Edge', to replace the "old" Trident-based Internet Explorer 11.

Although IE will still be available in Windows 10, it is no longer going to be Microsoft primary browser. While these changes are imminent, enterprise users will still be working with IE for a while.

Siebel customers are no exception (until they move to Open UI) and they know it very well, I would add.

As you might already be aware from some articles around, for those of you that are stuck with old technology that is not HTML 5 or CSS3 compatible, Microsoft has made available the Enterprise Mode feature in their Internet Explorer 11.

As the name suggests, this feature is for enterprises (no wonder you need Professional versions of Windows to get that). Specifically, Microsoft offers an IE8 friendly experience on IE11 for “old” applications, overcoming compatibility issues (with Entrepresie Mode on, IE11 replicates the Internet Explorer 8 user agent string - for Active X it imitates IE8 responses - it allows CSS defined buttons and other items to be displayed, etc.)

The drawback? You need administrative rights and have to follow a tedious process to customize your environment with the risk that this might not work well for your application.

If you want to try out how this works and assess if this can be a solution for your current Siebel HI case, but don’t want to invest too much effort, we have a solution:

e-Up is making available a free IE browser that can be used for testing your Siebel HI in an IE11 environment. The solution works on both Windows 7 and Windows 8. The browser will come with a limited time period that should be enough for you to test your Siebel application - if you need some extra time, just let us know. This is a completely free service that we are offering to any Siebel customer/user, because we believe that the Siebel ecosystem lacks very much of this kind of initiatives that instead are available for other software, first of all cloud-based ones.

Other good news is that no admin rights are necessary: neither for installing it nor for making the Enterprise Mode available. You won't need to change anything on your machine: no registry setting, no Group Policy access, no Administration work and above all no need for any pre-configured XML file containing the list of the websites for which you want IE11 to run in Enterprise Mode.

Internet Explorer 11

All you have to do is just log in with your linkedin accout to, navigate to the Public Marketplace page and download the application. Launch the browser, navigate to your Siebel application, check the Enterprise Mode option and test away!

If you want to share your experience with Siebel and IE11 in Enterprise Mode, we and the entire Siebel community would love to hear your experience. You can do so by posting on our community blog: in fact, entering our website with your LinkedIn credentials will also allow you to publish articles on the Blog. It's time everyone can easily contribute to the Siebel ecosystem in her own way.

Please read the disclaimer at the end.

We @e-Up are here to help Siebel grow - the right way.

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Disclaimer: This article makes no statement whatsoever about Oracle policies, compatibilities and / or developments. Please always contact Oracle


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