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Interested in e-Tools videos?

Due to undergoing intellectual property issues experienced in the last months, e-Up has decided, among other actions, to stop sharing its videos on e-Tools.

This is unfortunate because we believe in sharing innovation in the IT world and contributing to the cause of many companies in their struggle to work with an unfriendly monolithic Siebel application. At the same time e-Up needed to protect its intellectual property from unethical and unfair behaviour of a well known corporation.

As we have received a number of requests in the past weeks in relation to the videos we published in these years on our YouTube channel, we decided to give the possibility of accessing them to interested parties.

If you are interested in seeing e-Tools in action in our YouTube videos, you can simply request access to us through one of our numerous contacts method and our team, after evaluating your profile, will grant you access by sharing the videos you are interested in. Thank you.

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