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e-Tools - Statement of Direction 2017

The market has spoken! When we asked which additional platform you would like to see supported by e-Tools, you gave us a pretty clear idea and the confirmation on where the market focuses its attention. Look at this:

Almost 75% of the respondents would like to see e-Tools #visuanlysis to support implementations. Despite the presence of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Oracle Cloud CX suite in the survey, these gathered less than 10% of the consensus, even if the Oracle Suite aggregately (Sales and Service) reached a higher point than Microsoft (basically double). As the survey is still open, we invite you to participate and let us know if you agree or not with such current scenario.

These results surely mean that, after revolutionizing the Siebel CRM world with e-Tools #visuanalysis, e-Up is going to introduce its innovation also in the ecosystem... and we are really excited about it! In the last weeks we talked with many Salesforce consultants and we got the confirmation that they want to be able to use e-Tools for their work!

But we are not forgetting all the Siebel customers out there, at all! In this sense, given the incredible amount of features that e-Tools already offers out of the box for this Oracle legacy system and the increasing use of Oracle Cloud services by many Siebel customers, we are also working on integrating Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud in the e-Tools Visual Diagrams and the meta-repository!

Oracle is investing a lot in offering a complete CX Suite of integrated applications and is supporting many Siebel customers in their journey beyond Siebel, managing all possible interaction channels in the Cloud. Whether you are in the process of replacing Siebel or maintaining its core functionalities to integrate them with the more user-friendly and appealing Oracle Cloud solutions, e-Tools will support your needs. This means that you will be able to automatically model Sales and Service Cloud applications together with your Siebel implementation, in the same repository.

Because many Siebel customers have tried replacing many parts of their legacy application also with, e-Tools will also offer the possibility to model Siebel artefacts together with ones.

This approach will therefore introduce support for new CRM platforms (Oracle CX Cloud and beside current Siebel capabilities. This will allow current Siebel and e-Tools customers to better manage all their new applications and the way they interact with Siebel. While User Cases and processes will be platform agnostic, solution design diagrams will visualize both Siebel and Oracle CX Cloud or design artefacts, so for example you can check how Opportunities are structured in vs. Siebel.

These possibilities are going to be embedded in the standard e-Tools already in the coming weeks.

On a longer term basis, the 3 main platforms will be treated as separate modules and customers will be able to choose which ones they want to model in e-Tools (also all 3 together, if needed!). This means that new advanced features will be introduced for Oracle Cloud CX and so that even advanced modelling capabilities and automations will be possible, exactly as it is the case now with Siebel. As the market requested, a lot of effort will be put in creating an independent version of e-Tools for, so that the #visuanalysis can be adopted for all the parts of, including the platform.

Stay tuned, because Microsoft Dynamics CRM won't be left behind for too long.


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