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A summary on the Visual Double Test Automation


Oracle Open World is very close and it's time to wrap up the content from the Utrecht Siebel Roadshow in terms of innovations! As the statement of direction 2017 has underlined, a big part of the Siebel future is represented by automating Tests executions.

e-Up has already closely collaborated with the Siebel engineering team to bring this innovation to you already in 16.4, so you can immediately start planning your implementation needs with our team! Thanks to the e-Tools integration with Siebel Test Automation, you can already start automatically exctracting your own Test Cases, even if you are not yet ready to completely execute them! Once you are ready, you will use the automatically created Test Cases library to execute them with the latest Siebel Test Automation engine (Siebel 16.4+/17) and test your entire application, even if you upgraded to a new version! An entire regression test done with an unprecedented facility!

Following, an extract from the original e-Up presentation on the 6th of September at the Oracle HQ in Utrecht - from e-Tools #visuanalysis innovation to the complete life-cycle management, including test cases and business process flows automatic creation. Unfortunately the live sessions are not available but we will soon upload some explanatory videos. This slide deck has been adapted to focus on the Test Automation innovation and explain the double automation process using e-Tools.


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