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Oracle Siebel Roadshow Utrecht (First day)

The Oracle Siebel Roadshow @ Utrecht started today in a packed auditorium with an overview of Siebel IP2016 features and future direction, followed by Siebel in the Cloud and integration options in general. Different from other events, this time the Siebel customers were able to express their requirements, worries and tell their stories of working with Siebel. A very useful exchange of knowledge in the Siebel community that is still ongoing and will continue tomorrow.

Stay tuned for previews on IP2017 to come in the next post.

Some notes from today's presentations follow.

IP2016 and statement of direction

The next channel for Siebel expansion is IoT and process automation, completing traditional channels like call centre and field service with more modern ones such as web and social media.
Oracle Siebel strategy goes on, the vision is one of coexistence with cloud technology. Siebel is getting ready for Cloud integration Cloud deployment and IoT.
Oracle is committed to Siebel for the future, with plans for the product going beyond 2030.

Some of the features of IP2016 were presented, many focused on improving the UI and user experience, but also some radical new features as follow:

UI and UX improvments:

  • Google type search
  • User interface - look and feel plus features improvments
  • Seamless integration between Open UI and outlook
  • Calendar feature improvments and integration with mobile devices
  • CTI bar updates
  • Communications panel
  • Portals updates ex eCustomer Open UI, eSales, partner commerce portal
  • Field service mobile app has a new template, process approach 

New and enhanced features:

  • UPT - note: works for mobile, low performance impact footprint
  • UPT + IRM innovation for updates
  • Siebel tools with workspaces
  • REST-ful interface
  • Siebel composer to become available in IP2017
  • Siebel is cloud enabled, also available on the Oracle Cloud: managed cloud services (everything is taken care of by Oracle); "bring your own licenses", pay only for the infrastructure you use
  • Future-integrated cloud service to connect with oracle cloud solutions
  • DISA desktop integration siebel agent
  • Integration with genesys chat

Feedback from customers

Customers have voiced requests for more support for on-premise solution, while Oracle is pushing for cloud solutions. A point was made that existing on-premise customers might not be in a position to ever move to the cloud, due to legislative aspects. More support from Oracle and its partners is very welcome.

ICS (Integration Cloud Services) for Siebel

Another theme discussed today was ICS (Integration Cloud Services), when does it make sense to use it and when you need to reference other types of Integration services/applications.

When a live integration is needed for small quantities of data, ICS offers a good solution with many out-of-the-box features. As an example, when a company is using an Oracle Cloud solution or a solution in parallel to Siebel and requires a live exchange of data, ICS offers out-of-the-box connectors and with good performance.

However, when large amounts of data need to be exchanged and a real-time exchange is not a requirement, other solutions can be employed, above all around SOA.

An additional note, for heavily customised Siebel applications, even if ICS offers ready-to-use connectors, development is still necessary.

OPA (Oracle Policy Automation) and Siebel

The afternoon sessions introduce a deep dive on OPA and Siebel including customer case studies from Rabobank and ANWB. Both customers reported very satisfactory results of employing OPA and integrating it with Siebel.


 Second day summary available here.

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