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Siebel Business Process Extraction (BPE) is live!

Amplify IT-Business synergy with Siebel Business Process Extraction (BPE)

(BPE is a new e-Tools automation feature released in May 2016)


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On the 2nd of May 2016, e-Up has released a new automation feature: Siebel Business Process Extraction. It allows the extraction of day-to-day practices from the application usage, resulting in an intuitive functional, visual representation. The technical details are re-interpreted to facilitate the usage by non-technical stakeholders.

BPE is based on UPT and is available from Siebel 2015.5 onwards. 

In the current economical climate, competition is a force every organization has to face. The competitive business edge is often provided by the way tasks are executed, the way the business is done, which differs from one organization to the other. Having an overview on how users employ the application to execute daily activities provides an incredible insight and action point for improving the organization's competitive edge.

Without disturbing the end user, e-Tools extracts the processes executed by the business. A collection of these processes can be saved together to form a business process blueprint of your organization. The process library is leveraged by business and technical professionals alike:


- business process re-engineering

- quality assurance checks

- process performance assessments

- training needs analysis, etc.


- refine user interface usability

- improve current application features and support provided to business users

- identify automation opportunities

- define new designs

- pinpoint the areas of improvement that provide the highest ROI

- be propositive with new application features or improvements

- amplify IT-Business synergy by aligning the application to the business needs and offering the needed competitive advantage

If you would like to know more about BPE and how it can help you, contact Up.

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