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Setting up Usage Pattern Tracking (UPT)

Setting up Siebel Usage Pattern Tracking 

(Official Siebel video released 09/05/2016)




An official Siebel video has been released focusing on setting up UPT. 

Usage Pattern Tracking is a very powerful tool introduced for the first time in IP2015.5 (but backported to 2014.11 as well - 2013 for the moment has been excluded).

It allows you to set up tracking of usage activity via runtime events with the purpose of building application usage statistics.

Which of the many views implemented are used by Siebel end-users every day? Which are the areas of the application that have the most intense usage? How are the users using the new features implemented? These are common Siebel implementation questions to which UPT can provide an answer. The UPT collected data can be imported in other applications, such as OBIEE, to be analysed. In fact, IP2016 provides seamless integration with OBIEE and OOB reports for Siebel usage analysis.

The video walks you through the steps for setting up UPT, define end to end events (useful for statistical purposes) and runtime events for UPT.

Of importance for gathering statistical data is the definition of End to End Events in System Preferences - these allow to define the beginning and the end of certain actions so that the time spent on each one can be easily managed. These preferences - on the contrary - are not used at all for Siebel BPE done via e-Tools.


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