Oracle Siebel IP2016 Official release

Lots of improvements and new features in this release. While some of the features were expected and requested by customers, others open the door to important changes. Let's have a look at the main news.

OracleSiebelIP2016 small

Industry innovation

- Partner commerce - new UI portal, mobile friendly experience (smartphone or tablet), responsive field labels, simplified search - single field search on list applets (no need to choose the column you want to search on, just the keyword will do), auto adjustment of content, optimized checkout process - shopping cart experience redesigned, enhancements to tiles visualization (touch aware/orientation aware)

- eSales - partner portal, my accounts view improved (B2B and B2C), redesigned home page

- eMarketing - ported to OUI, offer overview and shopping cart experience - features similar to a sales portal (request for sales call, capture responses, etc.)

- Self Service - added support for Communications and Automotive verticals

- eCustomer - combination of eSales, eMarketing and Self Service - all mobile friendly

- Field Service Mobile - new theme based on a process flow for field service technicians. It is possible to attach images and videos in the application and generate service reports and invoices, plus capture customer signature - features enabled offline and online.

- CTMS - subject transfer, satellite sites tracking, trip report versioning, and additional enhancements

Customer experience - changes that impact the Siebel application usage:

- responsive input fields

- optimized real-estate available (labels tucked away in the field)

- elastic list applets - dynamic configuration of vertical space

- responsive tiles

- new Siebel online help

Developer features

- Global manifest overrides - replace all GUI components with one change (no need to modify each applet PM or renderer)

- All applications rendered in Open UI (HI/SI now render in Open UI) - installation is simplified, while the application has a lower footprint and less content to be downloaded to browser; CSS, JS, fonts and SWT moved to language independent folders

- Single field search - search by column or without specifying the column (only based on search criteria)

- Redesigned search on Open UI - provides search suggestions based on a new search engine (elastic adapter as sample to showcase plug & play capability available on github); however you have the option of using a different search engine and integrate it seamlessly 

- Version javascript Content - no need to clear browser cache after IP or Patchset upgrades

- Heartbeat framework - white list traffic that will not impact session timeout- Drag and Drop add-in - from MS outlook - was available before but now it is Outlook version agnostic 

- DISA (Desktop Integration Siebel Agent) - allows in-line attachment editing, Siebel email integration with MS outlook, CTI hoteling, batch fulfilment printing. It is now based on websockets - but is Windows only. More innovation to come as the Siebel team are incrementally adding features.

- View cache status included in About view- Contact Center - Notifications for incoming calls and chats to attract agent's attention.

- Communications panel - dockable on the left side as well (previously only right side)

- CTI toolbar - can be customized by adding new (custom) buttons

- Genesys Chat integration

- Enhanced Siebel Calendar-Siebel Calendar on Mobile Calendar app

- Siebel Contacts on Mobile Contacts App - with bi-directional integration, thus modifications done on the Mobile version become available in the Siebel Application

- Siebel Mobile available for Android - with Siebel server side eScripting Porting Tool that allows to port relevant server scripts to the mobile side (also disconnected mode)

- Oracle Database XE replaces SQL Anywhere - also for mobile and tools

- New charting engine based on Open UI- Siebel Product Configurator - responsive configuration uses Advanced Constraint Technology (ACT) (phased approach to constraint replacement)


Some exciting news:

e-Up as Oracle partner is committed to deliver innovative features on top of the IP2016 release and add more value to Siebel customers by making full usage of visualization power. BPE (Business Process Extraction) is one innovation available now, leveraging usage data from Siebel and providing a real-life process map. More innovation to come as we approach OOW16. Stay tuned!

UPT (Usage Pattern Tracking)- launched at OOW15 - leverages built-in Siebel modules to track application usage - can be used in combination with a reporting tool. In fact, OBIEE integration is provided out of the box, with ready-to-use reports tailored for Siebel usage. Follow e-Up's blog to find out more about setting up UPT and using it in your application in the next weeks.

Oracle Siebel Cloud - Siebel CRM is now available on Oracle Public Cloud - all the features (including customizing the application) are available with all cloud advantages (no hardware to take care off, reduced administration, elastic environments, etc.).

IRM - Incremental Repository Merge - better experience and reduced overall time to uptake the new IP2016. The Oracle Siebel team plans to combine IRM and UPT to provide a quick impact assessment measure. It highlights the actual objects in use by the end users and which ones are impacted by the upgrade. Pre-built OBIEE reports are available OOB.

Workspaces in Siebel tools - again a feature already announced at OOW15 but further enhanced - it allows to centrally manage, govern and version for improved quality, reliability and security. It is a building block of Siebel Composer.

Siebel Composer - WYSIWYG UI development - makes OUI easier to customize, surely very welcome by many Siebel customers that are new to the web world. Still in development preview mode.

RESTful interface - we are quite thrilled about this one. The RESTful API is now available for metadata and data and makes cloud integrations so much easier. It opens a door to a new world of developments and designs. 

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