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This is going to be a very inconvenient article, so if you are a mainstream lover, please stop reading, now! On the contrary, if you want to have some fun, please go ahead...

In times when no one is challenging a "weak" mainstream, the risk is that of experiencing a general cultural impoverishment, in the specific case.. a technological innovation one. I have been writing several articles about the Cloud and its software development practices... whether it's poor software engineering  standards or privacy and security issues, I have been always quite sceptical about the excessive sheep crowding towards the Cloud; not because I did not recognize the advantages it brought to the IT and companies all over the world in terms of simplicity, but rather because people have stopped looking forward in a constructive critical way. And that's dangerous... 

A few months ago, when the market was talking about a potential acquisition, in the article "can Salesforce solve Oracle's succession problem", Ms. Katie Benner stated:

 The fortunes of giants like Microsoft, IBM and Oracle will rise or fall on their ability to be more like Salesforce

 and that is... WRONG!

I commented on that article, stating... "that is a totally wrong myth. It's actually because they are all trying to imitate approach that they will fail. You cannot disrupt your own business model by adopting someone else approach and hope it will give the same results. Oracle it's the perfect (wrong) example in this case.

In order for these giants to survive and win the market, innovation is needed; and innovation is not applying a more than a decade old paradigm.
Open source software collaboration and the new web standards can easily disrupt any current corporate business model - mark my words when I say that soon some new paradigm will disrupt itself. It's that direction that SAP, MS and Oracle should look at... but they are too big to see."

In the past Dreamforce 2015 days, Marc Benioff, the globally recognized King of Cloud, interviewed by CNBC journalist Jim Cramer, admitted that the Cloud is just a technology to deliver value, not a value itself ; is about the customer, it's all about the customer... (link to video - 6:15 on)

This isn't about the Cloud, Jim... and it never was about the Cloud, it's about the customer... THE REALITY IS.. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER

Apart from the astonishing reference to a previously trademarked sentence by once main CRM competitor, Siebel...

... what is hilarious is the way Benioff showed the finger to Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, in their desperate run to be the real "master of the Cloud"...

And what did Benioff imply by this? That all the other big guys are actually running behind him and his company and that they will be always one step behind... no matter what.. because the Cloud, as mobile or the Internet of Things, are just technologies and as such they will be replaced in time...everything becomes obsolete.

Marc Benioff is very smart, not only because he sets enterprise technology trends, but also because he succeeds in biasing the public opinion, not to mention how servant the entire press ecosystem is, as far as he's concerned.

What is so funny? That after 15 years in which disrupted the enterprise on-premise business model Oracle and other BIGs started a race to the Cloud...just to hear from Benioff... "hey, it never was about the Cloud"! 

But didn't we already know that CRM is about the business strategy and not just about the technology?

The point is, what now? what about IBM, Microsoft and Oracle - "the Cloud company", that changed their entire business model based on a decade old paradigm, focusing on the technology, rather than on the ultimate value - the customer? What about Siebel CRM (acquired by Oracle in 2005) no longer considered so strategic by Oracle because not (yet?) in the Cloud, while Mr. Benioff's company is just starting investing in verticals (for healthcare and financial business), one of the Siebel CRM strong commercial points since the 90's?

What about all those customers that were told they needed to dismantle their on-premises investment because "it's all about the cloud"? 

I don't know you, but I am genuinely amused and really curious about how things will evolve from this point on... surely I will carefully analyse Oracle's standpoint at next Oracle Open World.

Stay tuned!

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