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Ever wondered if all that hard work going into your CX system is really worth it? Companies have been investing huge amount of funds in buying, deploying, customizing and managing CRM applications, is there a real return of investment? After over 20 years of existence, 60% of CRM implementations still fail.

ZS Associates and the Sales Management Association looked into the details of using CRM software for sales and how this translates in value for the organization. [study available here]

"Perhaps not surprisingly, most respondents (72%) reported that their salespeople are not spending enough time on the company’s CRM platform."

Althought the survey focused on the Sales domain of CRM, thus not covering Service, Marketing, etc., it does offer an accurate perspective of the current situation: sales users of CRM systems are not happy about UX, the systems are not supporting their work but the work of their managers, the data is not accurate enough to be of real value for the company, etc. Sales representatives are often the interface between the company and its customers. If sales representatives are not happy (and supported in their work) the customers get a negative perception of the company. Also, if sales work is no good, it reflects on the entire organization (thus also on Service, Marketing, etc.).

"need to (...) do more to tie the CRM function to support of sales and marketing processes [74%]"

There is a lot that can be done to improve the situation. Start by designing the CRM systems to support the end users, not only the reporting mechanisms. How are the users currently doing their jobs? How can we help them? What can be automated? There are several points where help can be provided: planning & reminders, administration, reduced data entry, etc. What will keep them using the system during their daily activities? A mobile or tablet version can help? Having domain news embedded in the home screen? Online networking with colleagues and clients?

"boost user adoption [..] 54% of respondents cited as a priority"

Another interesting point that the survey raises is the fact that some companies got it right: the answer is in the details. CRM suites come with pre-packaged features and processes. If you want to have a competitive advantage, doing things exactly like your competition does not help. Innovation is often hidden in the processes: support your internal way of doing instead of imposing the CRM application’s processes.

In the end: better design means better user experience and better user experience means better customer experience.

Use the right tools to get there: e-Tools supports Oracle Siebel CRM implementations by enforcing best practices and improving design.

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