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Answering to the issue raised on linkedin:

The problem:

On service request detailed applet or service request list applet (Service Request Business Component)

When the Status field is set to closed the sub status field defaults to resolved, the applet is also set to read only. the task is to prevent sub-status field from defaulting to resolved when Status field is set to Closed..

This event also happens on Siebel Vanilla (Siebel Vmare)

Answer on LinkedIn:

Hi Lawal,

I was curious about your question as it would seem straightforward... but you are right.. it is not.

So I opened our e-Tools and made an analysis on the Service Request Business Component. Using the Runtime events function I am able to find all related Action Sets. At my surprise, I immediately noticed there were 2 active Action Sets that did not have any associated action. By checking the properties of the connections I found out that these Action Sets were exactly on the 2 fields you have an issue with... interesting!

So I opened a web session directly on e-Tools and went to the RunTime events Administration View (you can reach them directly from the e-Tools objects). I inactivated the 2 Action Sets and made a test: at that point the behaviour you are experiencing was not longer there.

This is an example of hidden Siebel functionality that does not follow standard customization practice. In this case, for example, we would expect to find related actions that define the behaviour. Thanks to e-Tools we were able to bring on a quick analysis and visually identify the strange design.

Please look at to see the automatically generated analysis diagram for this scenario.

Before changing this behaviour on your production environment you should evaluate any impact and do a thorough regression analysis!

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