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Siebel HI and IE - 2 relics of the past?

Microsoft is moving away from Internet Explorer and focusing on Spartan, its new browser, based on a new rendering engine, dubbed 'Edge', to replace the "old" Trident-based Internet Explorer 11.

Although IE will still be available in Windows 10, it is no longer going to be Microsoft primary browser. While these changes are imminent, enterprise users will still be working with IE for a while.

Siebel customers are no exception (until they move to Open UI) and they know it very well, I would add.

As you might already be aware from some articles around, for those of you that are stuck with old technology that is not HTML 5 or CSS3 compatible, Microsoft has made available the Enterprise Mode feature in their Internet Explorer 11.

As the name suggests, this feature is for enterprises (no wonder you need Professional versions of Windows to get that). Specifically, Microsoft offers an IE8 friendly experience on IE11 for “old” applications, overcoming compatibility issues (with Entrepresie Mode on, IE11 replicates the Internet Explorer 8 user agent string - for Active X it imitates IE8 responses - it allows CSS defined buttons and other items to be displayed, etc.)

The drawback? You need administrative rights and have to follow a tedious process to customize your environment with the risk that this might not work well for your application.

If you want to try out how this works and assess if this can be a solution for your current Siebel HI case, but don’t want to invest too much effort, we have a solution:

e-Up is making available a free IE browser that can be used for testing your Siebel HI in an IE11 environment. The solution works on both Windows 7 and Windows 8. The browser will come with a limited time period that should be enough for you to test your Siebel application - if you need some extra time, just let us know. This is a completely free service that we are offering to any Siebel customer/user, because we believe that the Siebel ecosystem lacks very much of this kind of initiatives that instead are available for other software, first of all cloud-based ones.

Other good news is that no admin rights are necessary: neither for installing it nor for making the Enterprise Mode available. You won't need to change anything on your machine: no registry setting, no Group Policy access, no Administration work and above all no need for any pre-configured XML file containing the list of the websites for which you want IE11 to run in Enterprise Mode.

Internet Explorer 11

All you have to do is just log in with your linkedin accout to, navigate to the Public Marketplace page and download the application. Launch the browser, navigate to your Siebel application, check the Enterprise Mode option and test away!

If you want to share your experience with Siebel and IE11 in Enterprise Mode, we and the entire Siebel community would love to hear your experience. You can do so by posting on our community blog: in fact, entering our website with your LinkedIn credentials will also allow you to publish articles on the Blog. It's time everyone can easily contribute to the Siebel ecosystem in her own way.

Please read the disclaimer at the end.

We @e-Up are here to help Siebel grow - the right way.

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