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AutoMagic: automatic Siebel documentation

Automate documentation creation and updates to speed up Siebel delivery

Automate Oracle Siebel CRM Documentation

Research shows that 30% to 80% of IT projects' time is spent on documentation. Now you can get more done as AutoMagic automates Oracle Siebel CRM documentation production.

Looking for a quick project boost? Use AutoMagic - it automates Oracle Siebel CRM technical documentation production thus granting the team more time for satisfying business requirements. Reuse the documentation time to do more: focus on application performance, improved GUI, design, development, etc. Documenting is part of IT projects’ best practices and Software Development Methodologies: Successful projects require good documentation.

Siebel Automatic Documentation, Oracle Siebel html documentation

Automagic is easy to use: provide the Oracle Siebel CRM credentials and start documenting! You can document either an entire Siebel CRM Application or specific Siebel CRM objects depending on your needs. Comments can be added to any object documented. When automatically updating the documentation, the comments are maintained. The html documentation is easy to share among the project stakeholders, but it can also be printed if required.

What Automagic can do for you:

  • Document the Oracle Siebel CRM application in html format, chose between graphical or textual representation
  • Navigate from a documented object to related objects
  • Filter on projects to focus the documentation on what is important for your project
  • Share the documentation with the entire Oracle Siebel team on your internal network
  • Add comments whenever necessary
  • Update the documentation, while maintaining the comments
  • Customize the templates to suit your standards and requirements

Automating Oracle Siebel CRM documentation contributes to:

  • Decrease project costs
  • Improve application quality
  • Allow the Oracle Siebel CRM team to do more
  • Follow SDLC methodologies and best-practices
  • Favour team collaboration and increase team satisfaction
  • Facilitate knowledge management
  • and so much more!

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