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Visual DevOps

Functional & Technical Visual Automation

Unified Perspective over Packaged Applications

Pro-Active Role-based Support

Pro-Active Role-based Support

Tired of the poor-quality official support? Now you can have a full proactive, role-based support at a fraction of the cost.
Automated Visual Support
that is automatically documented!

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Embedded Methodology

Embedded Methodology

Every current methodology tells you what to do but none provides the tools to implement it. e-Tools puts you on the right track for a successful Siebel project and will continue supporting it!

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Siebel BPE and Flow Designer

Siebel BPE and Flow Designer

Amplify IT-business synergy Generate a Business Process Library and a Business Blueprint via automated Business Process Extraction (BPE) and Flow Designer

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Due to undergoing intellectual property issues experienced in the last months, e-Up has decided, among other actions, to stop sharing its videos on e-Tools. This is unfortunate because we believe in...

e-Tools - Statement of Direction 2017

The market has spoken! When we asked which additional platform you would like to see supported by e-Tools, you gave us a pretty clear idea and the confirmation on where the market focuses its...

The future of Oracle Siebel 2017? In the clouds

  In my home country there is a common saying that goes like this: “there’s no two without three”. This year I attended Oracle Open World for the third time and e-Up thanks the Siebel team for having us...

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