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What is e-Tools in a nutshell

The unique Computer Aided Software Engineering Tool for Oracle Siebel
what is e-Tools

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Increase team efficiency, productivity and collaboration in Oracle Siebel

e-Tools in a nutshell

e-Tools is the unique Siebel dedicated CASE tool. It supports the entire implementation life-cycle, from understanding the customized application and requirements gathering and modeling, through solution design, up to testing, support and training. e-Tools is based on a role-based visual approach: it translates Siebel in visual models, for both the technical side (Design of the application) and the functional one (Use Cases scenarios and Business Processes). The customized application models form the basis for:


understanding the current Siebel architecture and behaviour;

automatically infere visual Use Cases with the Rapid Requirements Generation technology (available on IP2014+);

Elicit, model and customize Business Requirements;

Visually design and assess solutions and alternatives based on best practices;

identify bugs, pitfalls and issues’ causes and how to solve them;

create application training and documentation;

extract Business Processes for an ad-hoc Business Blueprint (available on IP2014+)

Test Cases automatic generation (available on IP2014+)

Process Improvement and application performance analysis


While working with e-Tools, a knowledge repository of your Siebel application and implementation is built behind the scenes. Requirements, designs, test scenarios, issues and bugs and their solutions, functional processes... everything is interrelated so that you can keep track of what is going on. Automation and innovation meet to facilitate analysis and management.

Moreover, e-Tools introduces innovative support for working with Open UI such as the dedicated editor (with intelisense), rapid prototyping and live script testing. add text


Why is e-Tools different from any support tool you might be familiar with? It is special because it is not just a tool: the Siebel-dedicated methodology is embedded in e-Tools, guiding your strategy throughout the project. Automation and visuanalysis, based on condensed knowledge from decades of Siebel implementation projects, support the team to speed up and make more agile the development process by reducing workload.

Find out more about e-Tools, but if you want to find out what it can do for you, contact us for a dedicated case-study.

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